Adult Day Programs

UCP offers several types of day and employment programs for adults with developmental disabilities in both San Diego and North San Diego County. Programs are offered at UCP sites, or are provided in the community based on the individual's needs and interests. Participants must be a consumer of the San Diego Regional Center to be eligible.

North County Center

205 W. Mission Avenue, Suite G
Escondido, CA 92025
(760) 743-1050

San Diego Center

8665 Gibbs Drive, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 278-5420

Adult Development Center (North County)


ADC provides services to individuals with a wide range of challenges. It emphasizes training in vocational, community, recreation/leisure and communication skills. Age appropriate functional skills training is provided through a combination of site-based and community-based instruction.

Communication and self-advocacy training helps each individual achieve self-determination in their lives. Classes and trainings are offered based on the needs and interests of the participants either in the community or at the center where consumers are served on an overall 1:4 staffing ratio. Funding is provided by the San Diego Regional Center.

Tailored Day Programs

Project College assists students in the transition to college — new rules, new systems, new expectations, new challenges. The individually designed services are offered right on campus, with up to 9 hours of support each week by skilled staff. For more information, contact UCP/Project College at (858) 278-5420 x132 or email

Employment Matters is designed to help people with disabilities find and keep the ideal job. The program includes assessment, skill development, job search assistance and on-the-job training. Up to 9 hours of guidance, mentorship and support is provided each week. For more information, contact UCP/Project Employment at (760) 738-1050 or email


The Networks Program supports individuals to take an active life in the community. Participants develop work skills in paid and volunteer employment and also enhance their ability to access community sites and systems, and get around town safely. The program operates in many geographic areas of the county. Individuals are supported daily by experienced, dedicated staff in groups of 3 or 4.

Work Activity Programs


Work Activity Programs offer the opportunity for individuals to develop work skills, earn a paycheck, and enhance skills that lead to more independent lifestyles. Complimentary classes and training are offered in such areas as self-advocacy, computers, basic education, job readiness, and communication. Funding for this program comes from the Department of Rehabilitation (with referral from the San Diego Regional Center).

North County: Participants in the program work within Precision Assembly, a bulk mail business.

San Diego: Participants in the program work within Ready Stamps, a rubber stamp production company after completing the Ready Stamps ROP Training Class.

Ready Stamps houses a Regional Occupational Program (ROP) course in rubber stamp manufacturing that is open to anyone. For more information about Ready Stamps ROP Training Class, please contact UCP at (619) 282-8790 or email

Group Supported Employment (North County)

Small group job placement at community businesses and on-the-job placement with training and support is offered to interested individuals through our Supported Employment program. Assistance with other job related needs, such as communication, mobility, and self-advocacy are also offered. The Department of Rehabilitation funds this service (with referral from the San Diego Regional Center). For more information, call (760) 743-1050.


UCP is local, providing Adult Day Programs in both San Diego and Escondido, Assistive Technology, Children's Services including a Toy Lending Library, Equipment Recycling, Family Support, Grants & Funding, Information & Referral and Respitality.

We serve thousands of people in San Diego County every year through our programs and services.

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