Grants & Funding


UCP of San Diego County assists people with disabilities and their families to obtain durable medical equipment or other expenses related to their disability when no other source of funding exists. Only certain designated items or expenses are covered by this program and generally are durable medical equipment, adaptive aides, diapers, specialized infant formulas, inclusionary camp experiences, emergency respite, and burial expenses.

This grant program comes from designated funding each year by our Board of Directors combined with funds from the Peter Horton Fund. The Horton Fund honors the memory of Peter Horton, who passed away at a young age.

UCP of San Diego utilizes the Bellows Fund through our national UCP organization to fund assistive technology for individuals. In addition, we also work closely with the San Diego Regional Center, Rest Haven Children’s Health Fund, and other agencies to source possible match funding for more costly items and needs.

How Does It Work?

Please contact UCP to review your funding request. A simple application is sent out that outlines the reason for the request, other potential sources of funding and the amount of funding needed.

A committee reviews the application and decides whether the monies will be granted based on need, merits of the request and attempts to acquire matching or other funding. The committee will also determine the amount to be granted based on a cap amount for each category. UCP staff will contact the applicant about the decision and make any arrangements needed.

Who Is Eligible?

People with disabilities and their families are eligible to apply. The request must be related to the person’s disability and fall into the categories noted above to be considered.

How Do I Apply?

The individual with a disability, family member, social worker, therapist, etc., can call for more information and to request the application form. Call (858) 571-7803 ext. 115 or email

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