The mission of UCP of San Diego County is to advance the independence, productivity and full citizenship of people affected by cerebral palsy and other disabilities. By making solid steps, UCP can build a better community for all in the process.



Imagine a world, filled with dreams, choice, freedom and the promise of a community where each person belongs and contributes in a world with No Limits! That’s the world UCP envisions and works toward each and every day especially here in San Diego County.

Whether assisting someone in finding their first job, helping a child express him or herself through technology, connecting parents and individuals to support one another, or breaking down architectural and attitudinal barriers so all people can fully participate in our community, UCP helps create a world where dreams guide – lives are fulfilled and anything is possible.

We invite you to join us in this pursuit of a better community and invest in the power of human potential.


UCP is an agency committed to serving people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities and their families since 1958.

Working throughout the years to improve services with every step, UCP has program centers in San Diego and Escondido and numerous community based programs serving hundreds of local citizens on a daily basis.

UCP is a legacy agency with United Way and it’s commitment in solving Health and Human Services issues in San Diego County. UCP also supports leadership, accountability and transparency of all nonprofit organizations through the GuideStar transparency rating program.


UCP of San Diego County helps obtain grants & funding for individuals with disabilities for the expensive durable medical equipment they need.

UCP's Tailored Day Services provides individually designed services for people with disabilities including "Employment Matters" for finding and keeping a job.

UCP's "Project College" has the resources students need to be successful, including including increased independence, self-awareness and self-reliance.

UCP serves thousands of people in San Diego County every year through our programs and services.

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