San Diego Assistive Technology Center (SDATC)

As an Alliance for Technology Access Resource Center, San Diego Assistive Technology Center (SDATC) offers many opportunities for increasing your knowledge about assistive technology solutions through the hands-on exploration of a wide array of adapted computer hardware/software, environmental control access and AAC devices. sdatcThe mission of the San Diego Assistive Technology Center is to:

  • Support families in the critical role they play in helping their children reach their full potential by providing access to toys as learning tools.

  • Develop strategies, which assist individuals who are non-speaking to say what is on their mind without the need for interpretation or guessing by others.

  • Assist people who use AAC and their teams in developing a consistent means of communication; one that facilitates independence, learning and active participation in school, home, work and the community.

  • Train and support the community through a multitude of educational opportunities focusing on assertive technology. Our goal is to assist individuals to live as full and independent life as possible given the wealth of technology available on the market today.

  • Collaborate with a variety of people in the community to ensure that life-changing technology becomes accessible to those who need it most.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone! The San Diego Assistive Technology Center is available to individuals with disabilities, their families, professionals and the community at large!

Services offered through SDATC

  • Toy Library - Mobile library designed to serve you in your own community. Our librarians travel throughout the county, using libraries, churches, recreation centers and Boys and Girls Clubs as play sites.

  • Software Library - Program which loans computer software and adaptive hardware (for example, TouchWindows, IntelliKeys, Computer Switch Interfaces, etc.) to children with disabilities for use in their home environment.

  • Funding Advocacy Assistance - Provide no-cost, one-to-one advocacy services to obtain funding for AAC devices and computer technology.

  • Information and Referral Services - Provide information to the community with regard to assistive technology, funding eligibility and various complementary services.

  • Workshops and Presentations - Provides opportunities for you to learn more about augmentative communication and assistive technology.

  • Open Lab - Frequently scheduled times when anyone in the community may come to the center to explore communication devices, specialized software & computer hardware and the Internet.

  • Individual Lab Appointment - Set appointment with SDATC staff, intended to provide more specific information about equipment and software. One hour FREE.

  • Individual Lab Consultation - Takes the individual Lab Appointment one step further by providing in-depth consultative services with SDATC staff. An hourly charge is assessed.

  • Full AAC Assessment - Staff conduct full interdisciplinary team assessments in order to match consumers to the most appropriate AAC system features. Funding availability needs to be established prior to the assessment.

  • Training & Follow Up Services - Consultation is available for attendance at team meetings, development of device vocabulary, programming and training, etc. An hourly rate is assessed.

  • Language Assessment - Speech language pathologist can provide a full speech language assessment, as needed. An hourly charge is assessed.

  • Professional Use of Assistive Technology Lab - Set appointments to use the lab and available equipment to assess or consult with an individual. Open to Professionals; an hourly charge is assessed.

    AT Network
  • Equipment Loan Program – We are a contractor with the state-wideAbility Tools Loan Program which provides free AT equipment loans to individuals through the Ability Tools website.

  • Vendor Trainings - Regularly scheduled equipment training available at no cost throughout the year.

    voice options
  • Voice Options - A new pilot speech technology program of the California Public Utilities Commission, Voice Options offers iPads with speech applications to people with speech disabilities for short and long-term loans. For more information, visit the Voice Options website or contact myoshida

For more information about San Diego Assistive Technology Center (SDATC), please contact UCP at (858) 278-5420, email us at or visit


Software Lending Library & Computer Consultations

Parents and children are eligible to participate in the software library. The software library provides assistance to parents on selecting software that will aid in their child's development.

Families of young children with disabilities need to have access to assistive technology that create opportunities for their children to show what they know, interact with others, be independent and enjoy control over their lives.

What Is The Software Library?

The Software Library loans computer software to children with disabilities, aged 2 to 10 years old. The library provides assistance to parents on selecting software and hardware that will aid in the child's development. As moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas browse, they can try things out and think about how their children or grandchildren will be able to use the software and or hardware as well as whether it will be something that they really will want to play with. Families can figure out what works and doesn't for their child in real life, at home.

Who Is Eligible?

Children with any type of disability age 2 to 10 years old.

How Does It Work?

Software is checked out to take home for two weeks. Upon returning the software, participants may check out another program. Software can be obtained at the United Cerebral Palsy Association office or through our mobile Toy Library sites located throughout San Diego County

Software is available in a variety of formats and platforms.

How Do I Join?

Participants are required to fill out a registration form, sign a loan agreement, and pay an annual fee of $20.00. Software is initially obtained through appointment.

For more information about Software Lending Library & Computer Consultations, please contact UCP at (858) 278-5420, email us at or visit


Adaptive Computer Empowerment Services (ACES)

UCP of San Diego has joined with Adaptive Computer Empowerment Services (ACES) to expand our ability to offer Internet-ready refurbished computer systems ACESto people with disabilities. Eligibility requirements to receive a desktop computer:

  • Resident of San Diego County
  • Medically verifiable disability
  • Low income (under $1,000/person/household/month)

ACES provides Pentium level Internet-ready computers with Windows XP, Microsoft Internet Explorer, e-mail program, a Microsoft-compatible office suite and other free software.

Recipients receive a desktop computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse. No printer is provided. There is a $75.00 processing fee that is paid when the application is submitted which then places the applicant’s name on the waiting list. If the recipient needs information or guidance on adaptive aides that are available for keyboard access to accommodate their disability, UCP staff can provide this assistance through their Assistive Technology Center Program.

Call (619) 448-5253 for more information.

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Donate your spare change when you see one of our coin canisters at your favorite Coco’s, Carrow’s and Original Pancake House locations throughout San Diego County.

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Locations and Information

Serving San Diego County since 1983, Precision Assembly is a unique business that can help with your bulk mail and assembly needs.

A division of United Cerebral Palsy of San Diego County, Precision Assembly offers quality service to customers and training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

The team of instructors and physically-challenged employees are dedicated to putting your needs first.

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Ready Stamps is a unique full service business that can help with stamps, engraving and printing needs.

A division of United Cerebral Palsy of San Diego County, Ready Stamps has been providing job training and employment for persons with disabilities since 1982.

As a manufacturer, we can provide quicker, more reliable service at a better price than those who are simply "supplying" marking devices.

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Location of UCP Assistive Technology Center and Toy Library

8665 Gibbs Drive, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92123

Phone: (858) 278-5420 
Extension 120/121:
AbilityTools Assistive Technology Device Lending Library

Extension 121:
Augmentative and Alternative Communication Program

Extension 120:
Software Lending Library and Computer Consultations

Extension 122:
Toy Library


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Assistive Technology Center
Open Lab Schedule

Open labs are times when individuals may explore a variety of augmentative communication devices, Internet access and computer access equipment such as switches, alternative keyboards, key guards, and touch windows.

No appointment is necessary for open labs. Staff attention for individualized support is limited during lab hours due to number of participants.

For more information about Assistive Technology Center Open Lab Schedule, please contact UCP at (858) 278-5420, email us at or visit

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