Family Support


Support is very important to a family’s mental and physical health as well as its ability to cope. That goes double for individuals and families with disabilities, family supportwhere support then becomes a critical issue. Families with disabilities are not just dealing with young children with disabilities. It affects people of all ages. As baby-boomers age, families may be dealing with cross-generational support issues.

Support can come in many shapes and sizes, such as respite care or a support group offering a sympathetic ear to listen.

All members of the family are affected when a child is diagnosed with a disability. Family-focused support services see the individual who has a disability as part of the family and the community rather than an isolated individual.

Family Support Services

Family Support Services provides support to families who have children with disabilities by connecting them to information and community resources.

Community News is a monthly newsletter for parents, available by mail or email.

For more information about Family Support—including support groups—or to receive the newsletter, call UCP at (858) 571-7803 or email us at

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